Project Timeline

Baseline environmental surveys

This will be a productive wind farm due to the exceptional wind resource on site, highlighted by the number of other wind farm developments in the surrounding area, and capable of producing clean, green, renewable electricity and making a valuable contribution to Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy targets. The extensive environmental surveys and design work undertaken to date have shown the potential for the Site to host an onshore wind development of this scale. It is acknowledged that both the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and design processes are iterative in nature and that the current layout of the proposal is likely to evolve during these.

The resultant proposal will balance the environmental and technical constraints, whilst still producing an economically viable project.


In September 2020, Grayside WF submitted a Scoping Request to the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) for a wind farm proposal of 27 turbines at the Site, in order to establish the required environmental information to be provided in the EIA Report. During this stage, consultees such as South Lanarkshire Council, SEPA, RSPB, NatureScot and HES provided their comments on the proposal, and set out the scope of works required for the EIA Report.

Continued survey works and assessments

Continued survey work has since been undertaken, in order to build a thorough understanding of the Site. A wealth of data and information has also been collected. The findings from this work, together with feedback from key consultees and the local community, have and will continue to be considered during the design development process, and will be reported in the EIA Report which will form part of our planning application.

Design evolution and environmental assessment

We are now in the advanced stages of the iterative design process, and continue to seek  a design which optimises the balance between the site performance and environmental effects. This process will continue to identify measures to eliminate, avoid, reduce or mitigate any potentially significant effects where possible.

This layout may continue to evolve based on constraints, responses from statutory consultees and feedback from this public consultation.  

Preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report

Work is ongoing to define the range of studies that will make up the project’s ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’. This is a series of assessments of the potential environmental effects of a project, undertaken by specialist environmental and technical consultants. This will cover the following areas:

  • Landscape and Visual;
  • Ornithology;
  • Ecology;
  • Archaeology and Cultural Heritage;
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology;
  • Geology and Peat;
  • Noise;
  • Traffic and Transport;
  • Socio-economics, Land Use and Tourism;
  • Shadow Flicker; and
  • Aviation.

Submission of Section 36 Application to Scottish Government

An application to build and operate the development will be submitted to the ECU, known as a Section 36 application. There will then be a period of consultation where members of the public will have the right to make representation to the Scottish Ministers on the development proposal.